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How to Make iPhone Ringtone Louder?

The iPhone is one of the most popular multimedia and communication device. While the defect makes people think it inconvenience is that the iPhone's speaker is not loud enough, maybe you can choose hearing sound through either your ear piece or through the iPhone's built-in speaker.

While Apple insists that the iPhone provides the users with the option to adjust its volume of the ringtones, in fact, the process of making changes to the ringtones volume is very easy and straightforward.

How to Make iPhone Ring Louder Freely

Step 1: Click the top portion of the volume button on the left side of the phone. Then you can see a volume control meter on the face of the iPhone.

Step 2: Hold on the button and turn your iPhone speaker's volume up until you have reached your desired volume on the control meter.

slide the switch to right to make ring louder

Tips: Remember that you either be making a call or listening to a song when you do this since pressing this button on an idle iPhone simply turns up its ringer volume.

Step 3: Slide the Ring/Silent switch above the volume button toward the face of the iPhone, so it is set on "Ring".

Step 4: Just increase the volume with the "+" control on the wire of your iPhone headset that came with the device when you need to use it.

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